Producciones 451 is a film company that owes its name to the film ‘Fahrenheit 451’ (Dir. F. Truffaut, 1966) and since the creation of its brand, in 2006, until now it has evoked its own universe through images.


Spanish Embassy in Tokyo (Tokyo, 2017)


Coming soon.

Teatre Talia (Valencia, 2016)


Screening 'It's no laughing matter'.

Glogauair (Berlin, 2016):


Screening ‘Ateneo’.

Instituto Cervantes de Bruselas (Brussels, 2015):


Screening ‘L’énagramme’ and ‘Tres llums’. This event included a contemporary performance by Sheila Toledo.

Institut Français de Valence (Valencia, 2011 and 2013)


2013 - Screening ‘L’ennéagramme’, ‘Tres Llums’ and ‘Miss Scott’.


2011 - Screening ‘René Magritte drôle de bonhomme’.


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